The Hebrew Tee is Uber Comfortable!

Our new Hebrew Tee has become a favorite with our customers as well as our number one seller. Our customers have been really amazed with the feel of our new brand. “It’s The best fitting shirt I have ever worn” states Samuel Rowan. This uber comfortable tee feels so good against the skin. At the present our Hebrew tee is only available in black. Just like the rest of our line of Tee’s, this shirt is custom-made from scratch with a feel that will keep you relaxed and comfy throughout the day. Our new choice of of custom material makes our shirts last for years to come.


We are so ecstatic to share our new shirt styles and designs with you. We have come such a long way and couldn’t have done it without your help.

But don’t just take us and our customers word for it. EXPERIENCE IT FOR YOURSELF. Cop your Hebrew Tee today!

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  1. Sacred Apparel is a wonderful company and I have been a long-time friend and their clothing line is the bomb, they are awesome. The new designs are great and will get anyone’s attention and that’s exactly what I wanna do. I wanna be able to share the word of the gospels and what a better way to get a conservsation going is by having someone ask you about your shirt. The clothes are off the chain. Trust me once you have a shirt you will wanna buy more just because they are a Christian store and the designs are great. The service is wonderful too. Don’t take my word for it try them out for yourself…what do you got to lose, I promise you that you will like them.


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