The Signature S Tee

Our Signature S Tee is one of our newest line of shirts and has quickly become very popular with our customers, primarily because of its sleek stylish look and vibrant red color. The Signature S Tee is custom-made from scratch, just like all of our new line of products, with a super comfortable feel that will keep you relaxed and comfy throughout the day. Our 100% pre-shrunk relaxed-fit cotton feels unbelievably soft and snuggly, which makes our shirts last for years to come.

Lightweight and breathable, the Signature S Tee is only 4.5 oz, a vast difference from the 6.1 oz Ultra Heavy cotton shirts we used to produce. We wanted this because it’s so much more comfortable during the summer than having a heavy bulky shirt on.

New Features

Sacred Apparel Hem SlitsOur newest shirt feature that we’re excited about is the hem slits. While the hem slits are stylish, they play a very important role in the design of our shirts. Inside the hem slits are loops, allowing for TziTzits to be attached and worn without having t0 attach them to your jean loops.

We’re thrilled to showcase our latest shirts! Go ahead and grab yourself a Signature S Tee today!

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