Don’t Stay In The Boat, Do Your Part.

When Peter walked on the water, he had to do a very natural thing. He was required to climb over the side of the boat and walk. This was not supernatural. Everyday he was climbing over the sides of boats and walking for years! The supernatural part of this miracle was that The Most High supported Peter on water. If Peter had not done his natural part, the miracle could not have taken place. Likewise if The Most High had not done His supernatural part, the miracle could not have taken place. Both parts were essential. If Peter had continued to focus on what he could not do (support himself on water), he would have been paralyzed and never moved to do his natural part. Remember, there were 11 others in the boat waiting for The Most High to do something. Many people sit paralyzed with overwhelming problems, praying and waiting for Him to do something. Miracles are released when we do the natural part and trust in The Most High for for the supernatural part.

So we must start by focusing on what we do have and what we can do. When we do the natural, then The Most High is released to do the supernatural. Don’t be like of the other 11 disciples. Just sitting in the boat waiting for the Father to do something.


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