Are You Wrestling A Challenge?

This past month has been one challenge after another for me. My greatest and most frustrating challenge has been connected to technology. Many of you may know that I currently have an online course (The Overcomer’s Guide eCourse) and weekly podcast (Overcoming Daily with Anna Johnson Podcast) that requires a good flow of technology. I also utilize technology to communicate with my clients, my prayer support team, and to perform a multitude of administrative tasks. In this past month, my phone has not worked properly and my laptop needs replacing. This has not been my only source of frustration. I’ve also had interference when attempting to do Zoom meetings and when I record my weekly podcast.

Why am I sharing all this? Because I want to share the revelation that I received today. But before I do this, I have a confession. I’ve been frustrated! For goodness sake, I’ve been trying to do Kingdom work and all I’ve run into is one challenge after another! The enemy has added to that frustration with words of discouragement and deception. He’s attempted to get me to give up and throw in the towel. I’m grateful for the Holy Spirit who has been a great source of comfort, encouragement and correction during this time of frustration.

So, let’s get to the revelation. This morning I heard, “It’s okay to do it the hard way. He did.” What an encouraging word! During my long month of frustration, I would get encouragement such as “do whatever it takes”, “endure” and “don’t give up”. Since starting Sacred Life Coaching, I have often had to do things the “hard way”. I can attest that as many times that I have prayed to the Father that He would make the way easier, in His grace he has encouraged me to do it the “hard way”.

There is so much blessing in the hard way. We are reminded in Scripture that the road is narrow and few find it. Let us not cut our blessings short by desiring an easy way, but let us do it whatever way the Father wills it to be done.

I’m trusting that this too shall pass and He will provide a repaired phone and a new laptop in His perfect timing. Till then, I’ll do it the hard way. Why? Because it’s okay to do it the hard way. My Messiah did.

Have an overcomer day! I am cheering for you! Let’s do it whatever way He chooses it to be done!

Written By Anna Johnson


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