The Sacred Life Podcast on Godify

For years we catered to the CHH community with our mixtape website SA Mixtapes & our massive archive of mixtapes we offered for free download. We loved the relationships we built with artist, and the exclusive content we received from them through the years. Sadly we left the scene in order to be obedient and follow the original call God put us on. Running Sacred Apparel. Sacred Apparel was actually the machine behind SA Mixtapes. Many didn’t know, but the SA in SA Mixtapes stood for Sacred Apparel.

Through the years we continued our relationships with many artist and have been blessed for our apparel to grace the backs of countless artist, preachers, movie directors, and so on. One of those realationships that continued was with Jerseys own Nucci Reyo who has worked with and written for countless Major artist and projects. SA Mixtapes collaborated with Nucci on a mixtape project titled “Trapped in the Trap.

Nucci is a former MCA records artist,
Multi Platinum Writer for Sean P Piddy Combs and also the CEO of Godify. Nucci reached out to us to bring our podcast The Sacred Life Podcast with Twink to Godify.

After a meeting with Nucci, hearing his vision, and believing in what he is going to do. We were definitely down! So get ready cause The Sacred Life Podcast will be dropping on Godify Dec 24. 2019.


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