Don’t call us a T-shirt Company [The Journey to becoming a full clothing line.]

We’ve always hated when people would refer to us as a t-shirt company. But why when that was what we were?

When I was first given the vision for Sacred Apparel, the vision was for us to be a full clothing line. I’m talking Jackets, Sweat Suits, Dresses, Purses, Shoes, Scarfs, the whole shebang! When we closed for 6 months to re-brand, The Most High spoke to us again and told us what we were to do. Instead, we continued to focus on T-shirts. And here we are again receiving yet another message from Him. This time He let me know that I was the reason and the hold up for us not expanding. So from this moment on, we are in the process an on a journey to becoming a full clothing. So get ready to go on this journey with us.

Thank you for the continued love and support. Let’s go!!!



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