Don’t Let Your Situation Stop You From Fulfilling Your Mission.

Regardless of what your bank account looks like, what you are going through, or what your situation may be, you have a mission to fulfill. We all have a purpose, goal or mission that The Father has for us. Not everyone knows what theirs is, and thats ok. But make it your mission to find out what yours is. If you need help with that, contact Life Coach Anna Johnson at Sacred Life Coaching for a free consultation.

But if Yah has passed the torch to you, you know what your mission is, your bank account has $0.01 in it, your Business website is down, and your phone is off. What you gonna do now? Sit and mope in your misery? NO!!! Find ways around your situation. Don’t let one hurdle hold you back from finishing the race. Jump it! Continue to run the race regardless of your situation? We are always going to face some type of obstacle, but you have to make a conscious decision as to if you’re going to let the obstacle control you or if you’re going to get over it and keep moving. #MayHisNameGetTheGloryInEverySituation #AllForHisGlory #LiveLifeSacred

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