Why we don’t use God or Jesus on our apparel

Before I was given the vision for Sacred Apparel years ago I had come into the fact that “God” had a real name. It wasn’t “The Lord,” and it wasn’t “God.” I pondered for a while and wondered if that’s the case, why is it substituted? I discovered that His name was Yahweh and “Jesus” name was actually Yahushua, and that their SACRED names had been removed from scripture 7,000 times. I was blown, and this led to me doing more research.

Upon researching, I found that it all began with a Hebrew tradition called the “ineffable name” doctrine in which they started to substitute His name with “Adonai” which is the Hebrew word for “Lord”. In the Encyclopedia Britannica it said:

Yahweh, the God of the Israelites, His name being revealed to Moses as four Hebrew CONSONANTS (YHWH) CALLED THE TETRAGRAMMATON. AFTER THE EXILE (6TH CENTURY BC), and especially from the 3rd century BC on, Jews ceased to use the name Yahweh for two reasons. As Judaism became a universal religion through its proselytizing in the Greco-Roman world, the more common noun elohim, meaning “god,” tended to replace Yahweh to demonstrate the universal sovereignty of Israel’s God over all others. At the same time, the divine name was increasingly regarded as too sacred to be uttered; it was thus replaced vocally in the synagogue ritual by the Hebrew word Adonai (“My Lord”), which was translated as Kyrios (“Lord”) in the Septuagint, the Greek version of the Old Testament.

PICTURE THAT WITH A KODAK!! This just wasn’t right I thought. What made man think that he had the right to change and/or hide our Fathers name? This tradition wasn’t approved of or practiced by Messiah or his disciples.

But about the early half of the 2nd Century CE/AD Christians picked it up and ran with it, and by the 4th century it was well established and practiced. Jerome, a 4th century “Church Father” who authored the Latin Vulgate version, substituted the name “Yahweh” throughout with the Latin word “Dominus” (meaning “Lord”). The tradition of replacing Yahweh’s name with “the LORD” continues to this day, and most English translations substitute Yahweh’s name with “the LORD.”

After discovering all of this, I was given the name and vision for Sacred Apparel. And I had an AMAZING idea! I made a vow to Yahweh that I would be different than all the other clothing lines and would only use their true “SACRED” names Yahweh and Yahushua on our apparel. I made a vow to Yahweh to NEVER put God, Jesus, Lord, or any of those substituted titles on any of our apparel.

There are some who pronounce their names Yahuah, Yahawah, Yeshua, Yahshua, Yehoshua, Yahawashi, Yahveh, and so on. But it’s still an active attempt to reinstate their true names!

That my friends is why I don’t use the titles God, Jesus, or The Lord on our apparel. Am I saying something is wrong with those who do? Absolutely not! I’m saying what I felt convicted of, and chose to do upon coming into this truth. Each person has the right to have their own conviction and if they are wise they will walk in it.

Yahweh Bless you!

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