Kayla Starks releases new album “The Crown” @thekaylastarks

She says “God gave her this name when she realized the significance and importance of the crown, to royal families, and their bloodline. Crowns are extremely symbolic in the sense that it signifies authority and sovereignty. Crowns also quite heavy and could not be worn without practice or poise. This headgear was decorated with detailed jewels and precious metals that drew attention. It also was guarded daily to ensure its safety. Within this project, there lies a hidden parallel between Christ and the Crown. KayLa believes that “Just as the crown was worn on the heads of those in power; we must, as children of the king, place Christ as “head of our lives!” We must not create him to be this “in-the-box,” “lower-cased-g,” god. We must decorate Him with splendor and allow Him to shine, as did the crowns decorated with jewels and precious metals. And, with anything of importance and honor, there is a “weight” to the glory that rests on the one who answers the call. Claiming the crown is a privilege, you must be chosen! Kayla’s daily prayer is that children of the King, meet the expectations of royalty and claim what is RIGHTFULLY theirs!

The Crown can be purchased on Itunes and Google Play.


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