Women Were Created to be a Sacred Gift?

Today a little inspiration for the ladies and even more importantly the men. Did you know that women were created to be a sacred gift? Woman was handcrafted by the Father’s hands as a gift for man. She is often neglected, mistreated and treated as common, but that does not change her created purpose. Ladies if you are tired, worn out, overwhelmed, and feeling despair then that is a possible sign you are not operating from your created purpose. Abba created you to birth nations, encourage others, ministers to other, but most importantly to glorify Him. See a gift from the Most High is nothing that should be trampled and yet we live in a world that encourages us to be sex symbols and many other abominable things. Men take the time to respect the sacred gift in your life. Your Father EXPECTS it from you! Women act like the sacred git you were INTENDED to be. Let’s get back to the BASIC people. Let’s return to the Sacred way! Our Father’s WISDOM surpasses all human understanding. Women were intended to be a sacred gift for man. Don’t take my word for it. Check out Genesis 2:22. HalleluYah!
by: Anna Johnson


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