7. Lecrae understands the value in providing a quality product.

If you look at the brand leader in just about any category you should notice those companies take pride in providing customers with quality not quantity. There are a few exceptions to this rule. Mcdonald’s and Subway run the fast food market, but that’s fast food! When people go to Mcdonald’s it’s out of value and convenience. They want it cheap and fast. But let’s talk about Apple. They were the first company to bring the personal computer. Other than that, when it comes to MP3 players, smartphones,  smart watches or tablets, Apple is never first. But many would argue, they are always the best. Why is that? Well they are always late to the party because they are taking their time to create a product is well designed and efficient. They obsess over detail. I always say “small details can mean the difference between magnificent and mediocre.” When you hold an Apple product you can see and feel that it is nothing less than premium. I get music emailed to me every day because I run a magazine. To be honest, most of it is just not good art. Too many artist depend of the fact that they have a positive message to sell their music. The production is so so, the mixing is so so, the flow is ok and the album cover needs work. Now some artist just don’t have the money to put into studio engineering and cover art. But it’s better to take your time and save your money so that you can really create a good product. You can hear and see the quality in every project Lecrae puts out. As a Christian, you should remember your project is more than a work of art. It’s a sacrifice to Yahweh and Yahweh always deserves your A+ game!

8. Lecrae is a master at the art of timing. He never seems to be in a hurry.

Patience is important. It goes back to what I said about Apple and the product’s they release. Apple is never in a hurry to drop product. While their competition is always in a rush to be first, Apple takes their time so that they can design an effective and well designed product. Taking your time allows you to focus on detail. And that’s not just with the actual product. We are talking about the whole package, including marketing. Then when they time is right, they strike. Lecrae only strikes when the timing is right and he is ready.


9. Lecrae is a master at the art of self promotion.

This is another area Christian’s get twisted. Yes you can be a Christian and still promote yourself! In Fact, it’s important that you do if want to be an successful artist. But you have to do this in humility. Yeah I know, that’s an Oxymoron. See Lecrae understands he is a brand and he has to market himself. Now at the same time, while you are promoting yourself you want people to see Yahshua and not you.



10. Lecrae plans his project marketing all the way to the end.

I know you heard the old clichiè, “It’s not how you start, It’s how you finish.” Well that’s true in marketing strategy. Always remember. The ending is everything. And while you don’t want to spend too much time planning, I feel it’s better to overplan, than to under plan. If you map out your whole strategy from start to finish, you won’t be overwhelmed. That includes what I call audibles. When plan A does not go right an audible is your plan B and C. Oh and just so you know, plan A never goes right so you should have a plan B and C ready to go.


11. Lecrae does not like to be put in a box.

I got into Christian Hip Hop around 1996. Even back then there was a big debate about being labeled Christian Rap or a Christian rapper. You had artist who hated to be put in that box and you had artist like The Crossmovement (who ironically mentored Lecrae) who embraced it. If you ask Lecrae, he will say he is not a Christian Rapper. He is a Rapper who is Christian. His music is not Christian Hip Hop. It’s Hip Hop with Christian elements. If you market yourself as a Christian artist, you will only reach Christians. People who are not saved will not buy a Gospel album. So labels and boxes can create limits for you. His latest album as moved almost 200,000 units (more than any other Christian Rap album, ever) he has performed at huge secular music festivals like “Rock the Bells”, has been on 106 and Park a few times and has done a lot of work with secular artist. All of this allows him to deliver a Christian message to people who normally would not hear it if it were to be put in a box. Now you have to understand something.

Taking this stance will upset a lot of people. That leads me to my next point.


 12. Lecrae knows, understands and accepts the fact that people will criticize his every move.

“He’s working with secular artist and producers, That’s not Godly”,  “I don’t hear God In his music anymore!”, “His music is too pop.”, He says he is not a gospel rapper”, “He is always fellowshipping with non believers”. Lecrae hears all the criticism, but notice he does not waste a lot of valuable time addressing it. He stays focused on the mission Yah gave him. Time spent arguing with with people who criticize you is time not spent on your art. To be real, if Lecrae was wasting time answering everyone that has an opinion on his moves, nothing would ever get done!

Tyran Johnson A.K.A Malachi Is the founder and CEO of The Oracle. theoraclemag.com is A valuable resource for Christian Hip-Hop on the internet featuring daily news, interviews, reviews, multimedia, free mixtapes, a fast growing community and other interesting content.




  1. Outstanding Introduction of LeCrae… I would like to know more about him while he’s not working on an album and his next moves with 116. *applause*


    1. Thanks Becky! If you didn’t know, Lecrae just dropped a project. Also keep visiting this site and my blog at theoraclemag.com for the lateist on Lecrae and the 116 crew.


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