The Intervention (This Must End)

While watching the local and national news, my heart was so heavy. Many of our young men and women are dying in the streets.  Just a few days ago, a young boy and girl were gunned down in front of their home.  I know everyone sees this.  Many of these killings are a direct result of the choices young people make and in many cases the hurt they experience.  Most of us do not understand or cannot relate.  This is all they  know. They feel there is no other way.  I understand ……  I have made some wrong choices.

The Intervention (This Must End)

Tonight I made a mix tape that can be used as an intervention.  This tape speaks to young people about the choices and the hurt they deal with everyday.  When this tape is ready for release, I will need a team of people to distribute them in their cities. These tapes are free. I need 4,000 cds printed and shipped.  Currently I have orders from Chicago, New York, Texas, California and North Carolina (Dunn, Fayetteville, Raleigh and Wilmington).

Help DJ I Rock Jesus get these CD’S printed by donating to his Gofundme.

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01 Intro

02 Fly Away-Sean Slaughter

03 My Student Got Murdered (Both Sides of the Gun)-Dee-1

04 Grey-Buck Barnabas

05 For My City-Gilligan Gatsby

06 First Lady Michelle Obama Address Youth Violence

07 Not The Same-Rio 24K

08 Six Feet-Davis Absolute

09 Clive Lee Hood ( Feat.Pastor Moten )-Wit & Dre Murray

10 Black Hearse ( Feat.Dre Murray

11 Interlude 1

12 Coulda Been Me-Trip Lee

13 Let It Play-Doxamillion

14 Feelin My Self-LAB G33ks

15 No Choice ( Feat.Dre Murray & Corey Paul & Tony Tillman & Ron Riley )-Trant

16 You Choose-Sean Slaughter

17 Take It All ( Feat. S.O. & Beleaf )-Serene

18 Crowns & Thorns (Oceans)-KB

19 Interlude 2

20 Outro-Pastor Moten

Thank you for your assistance in the distribution of these tapes in your city.


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