Family in Need of Medical Assistance, Prayers, and more.

Mike and Debbie Mullett are in urgent need of assistance. Mike is in need of getting Medical help to get his cancer treatment. The Doctors have given Mike 3 years to live if he doesn’t get the cancer removed. They are in the process of moving back to California due to a job transfer and are trying to get a stable place to live with hopes of moving out of the Motel that they are currently living in. On top of that, the family’s van was totaled in an accident and their oldest daughter has been sharing her car with them to get back and forth to work.

The couple states that their urgency is to get the treatment for Mike, to find a stable home and get a used vehicle. They are also seeking help with a truck rental, gas, and some used furniture. Debbie stated that they are able to maintain rent each month but do not have the money to get into a place. She states, “Every week my paycheck goes into the motel we currently live in to keep us from the streets.”

If you are able in any way to help the Mullett’s, they would be so Grateful! Debbie stated that no matter what happens, she knows that The Father has them, and she’s putting all her faith and trust that he will provide for them.


mike and debbie2


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