Morning Devotional: Is Fear Preventing Your Victory?


Today’s passage if taken from the book of Judges Chapter 4: 4-9.
The passage speaks about a time in Israel when a woman by the name of Devorah was judge, and gives a significant account of when Israel won a battle under her command. According to Jewish history, this is the only time in history when a woman was given the authority to Judge.

“Now D’vorah, a woman and a prophet, the wife of Lapidot, was judging Isra’el at that time. She used to sit under D’vorah’s Palm between Ramah and Beit-El, in the hills of Efrayim; and the people of Isra’el would come to her for judgment. She sent for Barak the son of Avino’am, from Kedesh in Naftali, and said to him: Yahweh has given you this order: ‘Go, march to Mount Tavor, and take with you 10,000 men from the people of Naftali and Z’vulun.I will cause Sisra, the commander of Yavin’s army, to encounter you at the Kishon River with his chariots and troops; and I will hand him over to you.’Barak answered her: ‘If you go with me, I’ll go; but if you won’t go with me, I won’t go.’She replied, ‘Yes, I will gladly go with you; but the way you are doing it will bring you no glory; because Yahweh will hand Sisra over to a woman.'”

What is interesting is how Barak was fearful, admitted his fear to Devorah, (a woman) and even asked her to come with him. I don’t recall seeing another situation like this in the Bible—especially occurring in the middle of a battle. As a matter of fact, in the mitzvot it is commanded to not be fearful in battle. Barak seems to still be able to take the order, even though he does not take full credit for victory.
Are there things in your life right now, that you are feeling commanded to do, but feel fearful to complete it? Pray for the strength of Yahweh and ask him to help you accomplish what he asks of you.

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