Sacred Apparel’s Morning Devotional: 5 Reasons To Read Your Bible

Little boy hugging an old book

1. It Makes You Much Wiser

From relationships to money to how to get along with your parents, it’s all in there. When we become wiser, we make much better decisions, and with good decisions comes many other good things.

2. It Helps Us Overcome Sin and Temptations

We all face temptations to sin every day, often several times a day. It’s part of the world we live in. When we read our bible, we get advice on how to approach situations and overcome the temptations we face. We understand what we’re supposed to do rather than just guessing and hoping we get it right.

3. Reading Your Bible Gives You Peace

We all live such busy lives. Sometimes it feels chaotic and noisy. Reading the Bible can help us sort through all the craziness to see what’s really important. It can bring about peace in our lives rather than allowing us to wallow in our confusion.

4. The Bible Gives You Direction

Sometimes our lives can feel a little like we’re just wandering uselessly. When we read our Bible’s we can clearly see that YHWH has a purpose for us at every state of our lives. His words can give us direction, even if we only need that direction and purpose in the short term.

5. It Builds Your Relationship with YHWH

There are a few really important things in our lives, and our relationship with YHWH is one of them. Reading our Bibles gives us insight into Elohom. We can pray on scripture verses. We can talk to YHWH about things we’re reading. We grow in an understanding of YHWH as we read and grasp more of His Word.



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