Morning Devotion: A Heart Full of Thankfulness


On his way to Yerushalayim, Yahushua passed along the border country between Shomron and the Galil. As he entered one of the villages, ten men afflicted with tzara`[a leperous disease] at met him. They stood at a distance and called out, “Yahushua! Rabbi! Have pity on us!” On seeing them, he said, “Go and let the cohanim [priests] examine you!” And as they went, they were cleansed One of them, as soon as he noticed that he had been healed, returned shouting praises to Yahweh, and fell on his face at Yahushua’s feet to thank him. Now he was from Shomron [Samaria]. Yahushua said, “Weren’t ten cleansed? Where are the other nine? Was no one found coming back to give glory to Yaheh except this foreigner?” And to the man from Shomron he said, “Get up, you may go; your trust has saved you.” (Luke 17:11-19).


Many of us know this New Testament story regarding healing. The tradition in healing a leprous disease was for the leper to immediately leave the community. Usually when one person within the household was infected, everyone one else would be, especially since once the person was leprous the entire house was considered to be in regards to infection, this made things safer for others in the community. However from a social stand point, this had to be very depressing for those who had to leave the camp. They could no longer communicate with friends and function as usual. Life stood still.

The traditional remedy was to apply hyssop (a natural healing oil) to cedar planks, and tie these planks to his or her limbs as a remedy. When healing was complete, the person would have to go see the the priest and wait for him to confirm that the person was clean and could enter the community. How interesting is it that Yahushua healed ten men, but only one came back and thanked Him. Even more interesting, is how Yahushua commented on the thankfulness of those healed. Yahushua doesn’t need anyone to thank Him, but made the observation.
I woke up this morning feeling an intense sense of gratitude for feeling that YHWH has kept me as I grew up. I grew up in the projects of my home town, but me and my four sisters graduated High School (most of us with honors) and all but one of us has or is attending college. I only know of 4 other kids in my neighborhood who attended college–what a miracle for the 2nd largest household to have almost all kids go to college? Throughout High School I fell sick with many strange things that doctors could not identify but I was somehow healed each time. Most importantly, I am thankful for a mother with such strong faith. She was determined to remind us that we were in the world, but would not be of it. This was no easy task. Thinking of her sacrifice brings me to tears.
I thank YHWH, and I thank her.
Who are you thankful for and why?
By:Kendra Love

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