Morning Devotional: The Unique words of Yahuahua

Caesar Coin

Next they sent some P’rushim and some members of Herod’s party to him in order to trap him with a sh’eilah. They came and said to him, “Rabbi, we know that you tell the truth and are not concerned with what people think about you, since you pay no attention to a person’s status but really teach what God’s way is. Does Torah say that taxes are to be paid to the Roman Emperor, or not?” But he, knowing their hypocrisy, said to them, “Why are you trying to trap me? Bring me a denarius so I can look at it.”They brought one; and he asked them, “Whose name and picture are these?” “The Emperor’s,” they replied. Yahushua said, “Give the Emperor what belongs to the Emperor.  And give to Elohim what belongs to Elohim!” And they were amazed at him.” (Mark 12: 13-17)

One of my favorite responses that Yahushua gave to his opposers was on an issue regarding money. The Pharisees had been hoping for Yahushua to speak against the law or break it, because that type of offense was within their jurisdiction, and with that offense they could inflict punishment on him themselves. Actually offended of His claims to being the Mashiach, the Pharisees took the matter to the next realm of court—the Roman empire.  If only the Pharisees could get Yahushua to express resentment against the political leaders! The Pharisee teachers, eager to catch Yahushua voicing an opinion against an authority besides themselves, sought to frame Him on the topic of paying taxes.
During this time the Hebrew were heavily taxed by the Roman empire (temple tax, commercial tax, traveling tax, etc.), so tax-collectors were despised. As they would do with most of his other responses, the Pharisees planned to twist his words to make him seem as if he was a rebel and threat. In fact, it was this tactic that was used to finally “accuse” Yahushua for execution.
On this day, the leaders went to Yahushua, gave him a coin, and asked if it was right to pay taxes, essentially. Yahushua’s quick but wise response was, ” Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and give to Yahweh, what is Yahweh’s.” This is a very profound response, for if Yahushua’s answer neglected either the offering or the government tax, he would have been trapped. First, the coin was used to pay offering and temple taxes. Secondly, the coin was used to pay earthly taxes. In an earthly sense, it was Caesar’s. Workers were paid wages by it, and then returned to to the city. By paying to Yahweh His due (for Yahweh owns all things truly), and the government as well (we pay dues to society on this earth), one would use the same coin.
What’s your favorite quote from Yeshua the Savior, and why?

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