MORNING DEVOTION: “As the Deer”, Part III: The Water Matters Subtitle: Do you pant for living waters?


Man usually finds the deer near water.

Among deer hunters, it is so common to find a deer drinking water in the woods that the hunters trek around natural water sources to bait deer, and may even build man-made water sources months in advance to attract for the kill. It is also commonly
observed that a deer will prefer living water, but will accept stagnant water if no other water source is available at the moment.  Another “phenomenon” observed among hunters is that after the deer is initially wounded after a strike, it many times will traverse downhill looking for a body of water (preferably a living body of water) to jump into. It is believed that the deer innately does this in order to stop-up bleeding and help with blood circulation. In a sense, the water is briefly helping the wound.
About Water
“Freshwater provides water for drinking, sanitation, agriculture, transport, electricity generation and recreation. It also creates habitats for a diverse range of animals and plants. We cannot live without freshwater.” Living water is a Biblical and (perhaps consequentially) colloquial term for “naturally occurring bodies of water”, which include types of freshwater such as springs and rivers that are supplied by oceans. Living water is able to purify while flowing, as opposed to rainwater which must be stationary in order to purify.


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