Why do we think in a one-dimensional way toward Elohim, whose dimension we cannot comprehend?

world in hand

“In the Beginning, Elohim created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1)

“Elohim is distinct from time. He created time [and] existed before it. He preceded time. The only thing outside of time is eternity, which is not subject to time. Time is our problem…

[Elohim] also sits outside of space. He existed when space did not exist. [Elohim] pre-dated  space and matter. Matter [is] the substance of all things that we have…the physical world.
In order for Elohim to be outside of time, space, and matter…that means [Elohim] exists in another dimension. [Elohim] operates in another realm. We [as humans] are ties to time, space, and matter. We can’t figure [Elohim’s] dimension out, but [Elohim] knows ours.”

-Tony Evans,


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